And you may she should celebrate (laugh) in the long run in the future

Electricity and honor is actually their dresses

Their cabinet is exceptional. These items off gowns are not offered by any marketplaces or shopping mall. God Themselves provides such clothes toward thinking heart you to definitely wants in order to Him. Particularly gowns adorn the interior boy that is revived go out by the date (2 Cor. 4:16).

The individuals women that wear gold and you may gems impress the newest eyes and mark brand new value off normal understandings; but exactly how far lighter will be the ornaments away from a meek and you will quiet heart, off strength and honor, do you know the ongoing dress of one’s girl from virtue! People who wear high priced selection celebrate into the establish, because they believe themselves the thing of the many men’s love; however they are have a tendency to making preparations upcoming sadness for themselves because of the their lavishness, as well as their neglect of those success that would obtain her or him value when you look at the later years (George Lawson, Feedback into the Proverbs, p. 568).

Concerning their garment away from fuel, comprehend the talk lower than Proverbs . The brand new virtuous girl understood your LORD are the effectiveness of her lifestyle (Psalm 27:1).

The term “honor” mode grandeur, majesty, honor. Within the Psalm 8:5 it is utilized of honor and majesty conferred because of the god through to Adam-and-eve: “and you will hast crowned your with glory and you will honor.” In Psalm 21:5 it is used of the God-offered majesty David got given that king: “prize and you will majesty hast thou placed upon him.”

The expression “rejoice” (KJV) ‘s the Hebrew term definition “make fun of

Of special interest is how this word is used of our wonderful Lord. We learn that honor and majesty are before Him (Psalm 96:6), and that the LORD is clothed with honor and majesty (Psalm 104:1). This was certainly true of our Lord Jesus Christ in His pre-incarnate state. We best discreet sex hookup apps for android catch a glimpse of Christ in His majesty in Isaiah 6:1-3 (see John in context where the glorious King of Isaiah 6 is identified as Christ). This splendid King of the Universe stepped out of His ivory palaces and descended to this world of woe. He laid aside His majestic garments, as it were, and humbled Himself by taking upon Himself our humanity (John 1:14). In Isaiah 53:2 we have a description of God’s suffering Servant, the Messiah Himself: “when we shall see Him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him.” The word “beauty” is the same word as “honor” (majesty, splendor) which is found in Proverbs . The Lord laid aside His glorious splendor so that He could die as the perfect Substitute for sinners (Isaiah 53), thus making it possible for the believer to be clothed with garments of majesty and splendor; we who were once dressed only with filthy, bloody rags (Isaiah 64:6, “filthy rags”=bloody cloths, menstrual cloths).

” It is utilized in Ecclesiastes 3:4–“A time to weep, and you may a time and energy to laugh.” Inside the Psalm -13 i learn that ” the father should make fun of in the him (the fresh new sinful); to own The guy seeth one their day (away from judgment) is on its way.”

The fresh virtuous woman often laugh at the “time” (upcoming date), a clear mention of days ahead, the long run. She’ll make fun of during the coming.

During the dependence on the girl generous places, nevertheless more her inwards fuel and you will skills, she humor at coming because areas the brand new worst that it can get perchance give. Which “chuckling at future” try of course never to end up being understood once the expressive from a good presumptuous worry about-confidence (look for Proverbs twenty-seven:1), but merely out-of an understanding of getting most of the appropriate and you will it is possible to preparation and you can ability for future years (Lange’s Statements significantly less than Proverbs ).

Having been very smartly provident with the morrow, the woman is perhaps not overburdened with its cares (Charles Bridges, Proverbs, page 626).

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