Lingen’s Statement) Proof John Johnes, Esq

1847 The device out of bundling, or, at the very least, something analogous so you can it, is present extensively. The fresh new single males-servants from the facilities range the world in the evening, and is a well-known and you can tolerated habit they are admitted from the female-servants at the households to which they show up. vol. 1, p. 33 The newest want of chastity overall performance appear to regarding the practice of “bundling,” or courtship towards bedrooms, at night a habit nonetheless generally prevailing. vol. 2, p. 294 “The youngsters of each other genders are very unchaste, plus don’t thought promiscuous gender one disgrace, that’s chiefly because of the new require off correct degree ; to the old practice of bundling, or courting in bed, nonetheless commonplace ; toward structure of its homes ; in order to the newest crappy exemplory instance of the parents.” vol. dos, p. 299

Account regarding Commissioners off Enquiry to your Condition regarding Education inside the Wales, (London, 1847) [This is the statement must state especially toward bundling (the definition of Caru yn/ar y Gwely wasn’t found in it): it has got much more to express on the illegitimate births essentially, e.grams. Area 2, pp. 56-57

I heard the essential disgusting anecdotes of your own gross and you can almost bestial indelicacy that intercourse happen during these period

For much more comments to the bundling, caused because of the declaration, see: Carnarvon and you may Denbigh Herald and you will North and Southern area Wales Separate, 18 Sep 1847 Carnarvon and you will Denbigh Herald and North and you will South Wales Independent, fifteen January 1848 Carnarvon and you can Denbigh Herald and you may North and South Wales Independent, 5 March 1848 Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald and North and South Wales Separate, a dozen March 1848 Carnarvon and you will Denbigh Herald and you may Northern and you will Southern Wales Separate, eight October 1848

1847 The government Query Into the County Off Education When you look at the WALES. (Extension of Mr. -Immorality exists within men and women so you’re able to a sizeable the quantity, chiefly one of ranch servants. … The computer of bundling, or, at the very least, one thing analogous so you can they is available commonly. Brand new instabang solitary guy-servants regarding facilities diversity the country at night, and is a well-known and you can tolerated routine they are accepted from the girls-servants within households that they are available. Evidence of Mr. W. Rees.-The brand new farmers connive in the teenagers conference within houses after the household have retired to help you others. Proof Messrs. Roberts, Glantowi.-A man ranch-servants sleep in this new out-structures, and maintain exactly what hours it delight: the women query hop out to go out in the night, and then the males fulfill them from the societal- house, of which you can find 14 in the area right here (one of a people out-of 736) and you may 8 ranging from here and you may Llandilo, a distance from 64 kilometers; such as this much immorality happens. Welshman, ten December 1847

The main cause could very well be the newest imperfect arrangements on the old farm-properties, and that hop out the new sexes too-much along with her, and that even later in the day

1847 WELSH DISSENT. On Publisher of your Monmouthshire Merlin. SIR,- I have treated another page with the Publisher of your own John Bull, partially in react to a number of articles lookin for the reason that papers through to “Education in Wales”, and you can partially during the fairness so you can me personally and you may Church from the Tredegar. Once the subject is out of considerable importance, I take the liberty of requesting the newest insertion of my page throughout the MERLIN, and possibly that we usually query a comparable favour for other individuals which i decide to write in protection from my personal nation and you will my religion, up against the extremely unfounded and you may libellous attacks that actually disgraced this new columns from a newspaper. I am, Sir, yours most respectfully, EVAN JONES, Tredegar. “WELSH DISSENT. Into the Editor from John Bull. “SIR,-We have only obtained the paper to your 15th inst., in which We understand a hit upon myself regarding the prolific pen out-of my personal eminent buddy ORDOVICIS. … I proceed to his top charge facing Dissenting Ministers. Just after detailing the manner where in fact the intercourse one of several younger some body are carried on, that is basically identified from the term bundling, he states, ‘So it behavior is pretty national within the Wales. Common as it’s, however, Dissenting preachers never raise its sounds up against they.’ So it costs, sir, I beg in order to oppose in the strongest terms and conditions that my admiration for your subscribers enables us to use. It’s utterly with no details. The daddy from lays himself never uttered, neither motivated the fresh new utterance, out-of a more abominable falsehood. Gladly, our very own periodical literature, and other authentic and public data files, incorporate abundant evidence of the fact from my personal denial. Within the last months, a good Dissenting minister enjoys offered a made for the best essay about them. The Calvinistic Methodists, inside their connexional capacity, furnish a memorial, company given that the eternal slopes, of groundlessness of this malicious costs We difficulties ORDOVICIS so you’re able to this new proof of their declaration. I’m happy and ready to meet your in any away from the principal metropolitan areas from Wales, add practical question to help you a gathering your countrymen, Really and along, independently plus social, regarding the pulpit and you will regarding drive, Dissenting ministers have increased, and you can perform improve, the voices contrary to the degrading practice, regardless of where they can be obtained. Monmouthshire Merlin, 5 June 1847

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