Now, when your modem controlling user interface is using RPC, exactly how is this reflected within Operating system height?

Still, any Linux built kernel is equipment dependent, so there need to be a way to correspond with you to product. (I’ve not a clue simple tips to manage RPC’s. )

A: Agree, but HW hackers usually are excess concerned about obtaining particular datasheets. As an alternative shoot for a vintage/similar one that is readily available. The outdated product vehicle operators really need maybe not altered That much, however, at least it would be a start.

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Not hard discover lost, they took me practically several months to learn each one of these something. Sources are extremely dirty – hear Makefiles, a few of people commonly also gathered within the. I9000 GB driver (it was reorganised, comparing to Froyo) erbread-samsung/drivers/misc/samsung_modemctl

Discover my personal utilization of SHP OneDram frames-process truth be told there, based on I9000 GB rider – (it’s just not functioning yet , – noone checked they)

As you can plainly see – it’s just lowlevel interface away from sending structures and you can pair parsers. Actual parsers and you may senders off structures have collection off platform – you might unlock they with IDA (I would recommend 6.0+, it can deal with Had out of linux DLLs a lot better than earlier versions) and acquire booting modem, creating callbacks inside of dpram/modemctl, parsing and sending packages and so on. Have fun.


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I need to state I’m rather lost on the topic currently. You will find hear about eg articles from the replicant opportunity sometime before. Maybe you find some useful information around.

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I am the latest Replicant developer exactly who done Nexus S port and possess performed the task into aries (galaxy s, universe loss) equipment and you may published many of one’s free RIL.

Modems for the Android gadgets is a broad domain name. Mobile phones differ to your several things, like: * modem chipset * modem firmware * transportation modem AP * modem method * user-area combination (Android RIL)

The first thing ‘s the modem chipset. There are countless. Including for the HTC devices, you should have those as part of the MSM otherwise QSD SoCs (which is a bit uncommon, modems are not commonly part of the SoC) IIRC. Into the almost every other gadgets, it’ll be a separate processor attached to the SoC thru individuals transportation steps.

I understand finest happening of the latest Samsung cell phones, particularly Nexus S, Universe S, Universe Tab (first gen), Universe S2, an such like.

Around, you have the modem, usually an intel x-silver 6xx, that’s wired to your SoC. Thus transportation is accomplished via serial line and you will/otherwise specific faithful RAM thoughts (perhaps not about fundamental sticks).

Even when a telephone may have a similar modem wired (from the knowledge level) the same exact way, the new kernel people are more. This is the matter of nexus s and you will galaxy s. On the very first that, modem Rx/Tx which have AP is done thru ioctls while on galaxy s it is complete via a beneficial PHONET system screen (svnet0). Therefore it is not (and particularly into Samsung mobile phones) simply an excellent serial software you might open having monitor: you should know how it’s complete and you will generate devoted app to reproduce which (cf. the fresh password to the libsamsung-ipc/devices/ that’s equipment-specific).

Thus once you’ve transportation build, you should know concerning method the brand new modem talks. This depends on this new firmware this new modem was running. I know that the modem found in Nexus S is even found in certain iphone (4G IIRC) but it provides a separate firmware and therefore speaks a unique method. We think that it is From the to your new iphone 4 whenever you are Nexus S speaks good samsung-specific modem protocol. It invented one to process and rewritten new modem firmware to utilize it instead of At or whatever else. Which method is often entitled “Samsung IPC Process” and now we has actually a totally free utilization of it inside libsamsung-ipc and samsung-ril.

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