Please note this particular post takes into account the newest EE20 engine because was offered inside the Australian-introduced vehicles


Subaru’s EE20 system is a 2.0-litre horizontally-opposed (otherwise ‘boxer’) four-cylinder turbo-diesel system. To own Australia, brand new EE20 diesel motor was initially offered in the Subaru BR Outback during 2009 and you can after that powered the latest Subaru SH Forester, SJ Forester and you may BS Outback. The fresh EE20 diesel motor undergone ample changes in 2014 to help you follow with Euro six pollutants standards – this type of transform try talked about lower than and you will summarised significantly less than ‘Euro six changes’.

As such, it generally does not take into account the Euro 4 pollutants agreeable EE20 engines that were for sale in European countries. Furthermore, requirements for other markets can vary away from those in Australia.

New EE20 system is are formulated on a single assembly-line as Subaru’s six-tube horizontally compared fuel engines on the Oizumi factory.

EE20 block

The fresh new EE20 motor got an aluminum metal stop with 86.0 mm bores and you will a keen 86.0 mm coronary arrest for a potential regarding 1998 cc. For its Euro 4 and you can Euro 5 products, this new EE20 system had a partial-closed block (i.e. the latest cylinders bores was connected to the external situation within several, step 3, 6 and you will nine o’clock positions) having better rigidity in the head gasket. Toward Euro 6 EE20 engine, but not, an unbarred platform construction try implemented which removed this new several and you can 6 o’clock helps.

Towards EE20 engine, all the four chief bearings regarding cylinder take off had material matrix chemical periodicals (joined into the cast procedure) getting tightness and you may using their equivalent thermal extension to the crankshaft. In addition, air conditioning slits within cylinder bores offered liquid air conditioning streams.

Crankshaft, connecting rods and you may pistons

To withstand the newest higher combustion challenges of a great diesel motor, the crankshaft toward EE20 system try exposed to a skin way to improved stamina. Furthermore, the crankshaft magazines were made out-of aluminum and you can cast iron due on the ruthless put on both region of the tube block.

The fresh new forged hooking up rods had fracture broke up bearings on the crank avoid and you will an asymmetrical profile which improved precision while in the installation. This new pistons had interior cooling streams, whenever you are oils jets on the crankcase dispersed the lower of one’s pistons.

Tube head

The EE20 engine got an aluminium alloy tube direct that has been 17 mm thinner versus EJ20 system. Additionally, the fresh intake ports and the diameter of one’s consumption regulators were made to carry out a circulating perception into heavens whilst registered the fresh burning chamber.

The brand new EE20 system had twice over camshafts (DOHC) for every single tube bank that were driven by a chain and you will apparatus which have a performance-reducing apparatus. The latest five regulators per tube (one or two consumption and two exhaust) had been actuated because of the rotate-method of roller rocker hands.

IHI turbocharger

The newest EE20 engines have IHI turbochargers having variable nozzle machines (VNTs). Fundamentally, VNTs play with moveable vanes regarding wind mill homes to adjust the brand new air-circulate towards wind turbine to help you realise comparable deplete fuel speed and back pressure in the engine’s rev variety. To enhance torque within system performance below 1800 rpm, new nose vanes would alongside narrow air highway and you will improve the speed of the air circulation. Within higher motor speed, not, the latest vanes perform available to dump ventilation resistance and you will raise energy application.

Initially, the new turbocharger was arranged underneath the system. On the Euro six EE20 motor, it’s know that the turbocharger are relocated to the beds base right of the motor. It’s knew that the restrict turbine speed on the IHI turbochargers found in the fresh new EE20 system was 190,100000 rpm.

Treatment and you will combustion

New Euro 4 and you will Euro 5 EE20 diesel motors got an excellent Denso popular-railway treatment system having eight-opening, solenoid-types of injectors you to attained a treatment stress regarding 180 MPa. Into the Euro six EE20 motor, yet not, treatment pressure is risen to 200 MPa. To your EE20 system, the latest injectors have been organized on a virtually 90 knowledge direction so you’re able to the newest cylinder and you may was 40-fifty mm less as opposed to those included in inline five-tube diesel motors.

EGR and you will DPF

The EE20 diesel engine had a water-cooled deplete gas recirculation (EGR) program and therefore recirculated deplete fumes on consumption to lower combustion temperatures and reduce NOx pollutants.

The fresh new Euro 5 and Euro six EE20 engines got a shut-loop diesel particulate filter out (DPF); both the oxidation stimulant and you may DPF were organized near the turbocharger so you can apply the warmth of the fatigue sky.

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