The Sri Lanka – Pakistan Business Council was founded under the aegis of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce on August 30, 1991, as a country-focused business advocacy organization. The Sri Lanka – Pakistan Business Council has grown into Sri Lanka’s only recognized representative of business sector interests in Sri Lanka in matters concerning business relationships with Pakistan.  The Council promote trade and tourism between Sri Lanka and Pakistan, encourage the establishment of joint ventures and exchange information on trade and investment with the appropriate bodies in Pakistan.

Today, representing over 50 businesses engaged in exports, imports, services including tourism, the diversity of our membership is one of our greatest assets, offering opportunities to learn from one another and form personal connections that help guide lasting business growth between Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

The Council’s goal is to be considered not only a business partner but also an agent of change for our members. We do this through our work in government advocacy, education through events and programs, networking, promotion of member businesses with our counterpart organizations in Pakistan.

We are proud to have worked together over these many years to build a meaningful association that enriches business with Pakistan and look forward to continuing that good work.